> Mata Hari Terbenam

Choreographer, Composer, Costumes: Peter Chin
Performer & Vocalist (tape and live): Marie-Josée Chartier
Lights: Marie-Josée Chartier & Glenn Davidson

This work evokes a world at dusk where the feeling of solitude and loneliness are heightened by the beauty of the world transformed by the passing of day into night, witnessed alone.



Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, November 2, 2002

...Chin's drowning day is a time to be emotionally naked, and Chartier takes great risks. Vocally she runs from piercing screams to lyrical chants, while her body tortures itself through an articulation of gestures, lunges and balances that demand excessive feats of control.


Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine, January 1, 2003

...Chartier delivered a gut-wrenching and brave performance. VOTED IN THE TOP 10 SHOWS OF 2002









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