> Exiles: A Book of Questions

Choreographer: Linda C. Smith and Marie-Josée Chartier
Music: Marie-Josée Chartier and Linda C. Smith
Lights: Jan Komarek
Costumes: Heather MacCrimmon
Dancers: Fiona Drinnan, Bonnie Kim, Gérald Michaud, Yvonne Ng, JoAnna Powell, Darryl Tracy

In a world of images inspired by the photographs of Josef Koudelka, an abstract storyboard is revealed: The Monkey, The Learning Man, The Dogs, The Bed, The Turtle, The Girl With Flowers, The Boy With Stick, The Visitors, The Landscape. Surreal and darkly elegant with beautifully rendered images.



Rebecca Todd, The Globe and Mail, October 13, 2001

..Exiles maintains an aesthetic coherence throughout, never compromising its integrity with the impulse to please or entertain. Like certain novels, it communicates the tangible experience of an individual's inner world... in its coherence and the clarity of its realization, it is an exceptional work of art.












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