> Screaming Popes

Choreographer, Direction: Marie-Josée Chartier
Dancers: Michael Sean Marye, Sven Till, Dany Wild
Composition, live Performance: Alex Nowitz
Lights: Raiko Epperlein
Set: Marie Josée Chartier, Don McGoldrick
Costumes: Heather MacCrimmon

3 Popes, 3 Men: a surrealistic dance expedition into the world of three figures where power, vanity, desire, torment, faith and grace meet to create a canvas filled with sensations. The male character and psyche, the social behaviour and rituals of a men's world are the central themes of the production. Marie-Josée Chartier, dancer and choreographer from Canada and the Potsdamer composer Alex Nowitz were inspired by the pictures of British Painter Francis Bacon, especially his Popes series. The Pope imagery infused with his religious and cultural symbols becomes the metaphor for the exploration of masculinity. Chartier fathoms the power and the fascination of Bacon's paintings. She transforms and increases their vibrations into a powerful dance.



Susan Walker, Toronto Star, December 27, 2004

…..Best dance performances of 2004 in The Toronto Star: Marie-Josée Chartier’s Screaming Popes, arresting in every way


Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, December 18, 2004

…Silent screams reveal the tortured, complex souls of men.
…Choreographer Marie-Josée Chartier is deep…


Paul Savoie, Magazine Liaison, Mars 2005

…Assister au spectacle de Chartier me fait penser à la grande spiritualité que l’on retrouve dans le travail de Sankai Juku….










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