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hub14 presents FULL STOP

featuring: Marie-Josée Chartier, Colin Edwards, Tina Fushell, Luke Garwood
directed by: Rebecca Picherack
screening by: Peter Chin & Nick de Pencier

FULL STOP is a new site-specific dance work inspired by the Gemini Award winning dance-film Streetcar (2004) by Peter Chin and Nick de Pencier. Streetcar brings to life the inner journey of a tired commuter heading home with his fellow passengers. full stop brings together new sets of eclectic personalities colliding in a shared space; hub14 is the public meeting zone where these evocative characters gather. Marie-Josée Chartier appears in the film but embodies a new persona in full stop, joined by an incredible group of performers including: Luke Garwood, Tina Fushell and Colin Edwards.

FULL STOP is a real-time installation in which the four movement artists interact with the audience, the space, and each other. full stop proposes a set of parameters on performers, asking them to use their own choreography as an entrée point into this new environment. Collaborating with designer/director Rebecca Picherack, the artists' individual worlds will weave together into one seamless show. Well known as an intimate space, hub14 is a venue where artists and audiences meet on a similar level. There is no backstage or reception room: it is open to and for all, full stop.


Performance History:

Hub 14, Toronto, Canada (2011)









Chartier Danse would like to thank the following councils

for their support through project and production grants.