> Les marquises

Musical Direction: Véronique Lacroix
Mise en scène and visual concept: Marie-Josée Chartier
Lights: Lucie Bazzo
Sculptural installation: Lisette Lemieux
Video: Janicke Morrissette

Inspired by a famous painting that Paul Gauguin did in French Polynesia, four new musical works are created by Montreal composers of diverse origins: Melissa Hui, Analia Llugdar, Luna Woolf and Danielle P. Roger. They respond musically to the following questions: Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? With this painting as the backdrop of universal questions, Les Marquises provoques the audience’s senses into this unique performance.

These works especially commissioned by ECM+ for 14 musicians conducted by Véronique Lacroix, features several soloists such as violonist Jonathan Crow, pianist Jacynthe Riverin and the improvisers Diane Labrosse and Michel F. Côté. Marie-Josée Chartier, involved in the intial concept, stages the production and invites Lisette Lemieux to create a sculptural installation that transforms with each new musical piece. The evening is framed by Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question (1908), which gives the tone to the evening and opens up the imagination.



Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, May 15, 2008

Il faut reconnaître à Véronique Lacroix, un sens raffiné du décorum, de la mise en scène et de la «scénarisation» de la musique par des effets visuels et plastiques, assurés hier par Marie-Josée Chartier et Lucie Bazzo. De ce point de vue, elle a une longueur d'avance sur tous ses collègues... Read the entire review





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