> Pleu(Rire): The World of Aperghis

Drastic art calls for drastic measures. Toca Loca artistic director Gregory Oh and veteran stage director Marie-Josée Chartier lead a fully staged reconnaissance into the quirky lexington of French composer Georges Aperghis, whose unnerving voice has produced a body of work truly distinct form the whirling intellectual gymnastics of his peers.

Like a perverse Broadway musical, the performers must sing, act, move and play to enable his vision, inspired by everyday life and by social realities transposed to a poetic world that is equally sensual and satirical, erotic and ironic, tragic and ridiculous. The performers can dictate the narrative, but they cannot escape it.

This ensemble production will feature the remarkable talents of Marie-Josée Chartier, Aiyun Huang, Zorana Sadiq, Andrew Morris, Pamela Attariwala and Chrisa Van Alstine, and will include Les Sept Crimes d’Amour, Le Corps a Corps, Graffittis, Music Box, Recitations, Conversations, Requiem Furtif and Cinq Couplets.

"When the tears rain down, laughter is close at hand".

Presented by: New Music Arts Projects





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