> The Women of Urge

The Toronto collective of women performers URGE are celebrated
in a new film,"The Women of URGE" produced and featured on the
highly acclaimed Canadian arts television programme,
"Adrienne Clarkson Presents."

The women of Urge are:
Choreographer/dancer: Marie-Josée Chartier
Performance artist: Katherine Duncanson
Mezzo-soprano: Fides Krucker
Composer/performer: Linda Catlin Smith
Facilitating Director: Joanna McIntyre

Created by Stormy Nights this one hour programme feature excerpts from the groups' wildly successful music-theatre work "She Promised She'd Bake A Pie" premiered last December at the du Maurier Theatre Centre in a co-production with Autumn Leaf Performance. In addition to the excerpts of this work "The Women of URGE" explores the group in their unique work process, which blends movement, voice, flamenco and improvisation work. This glimpse into the URGE creative world is rounded out with private interviews with each performer revealing the distinct personality and vision of each member of the group.

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