> Contes pour enfants pas sages

Original Idea: Pierre-Paul Savoie
Choreographers: Marie-Josée Chartier and Pierre-Paul Savoie

Eight mischievous tales for children between 3 and 6 feet tall who love fantasy. An ostrich who eats bells and converses with Tom Thumb, melancholy antelopes, a dromedary who is unhappy at being called a camel, a sea elephant seated on its belly and able, it seems, to juggle with ice boxes. Imagine what would happen if this little world were to break out into song and dance, just imagine!

Contes pour enfants pas sages is a stage adaptation of the 8 tales comprising the eponymous collection by Prévert. An agile blend of dance, theatre, music and song, the performance is inspired by the poetic quality of Prévert’s stories as well as by the humanist values conveyed by the author. Often featuring exotic animals, the tales are both a celebration of childhood and a critique of the adult world. They denounce human exploitation and the destruction of natural resources.

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Josiane Desloges, Le Soleil, November 25, 2011

...la force du spectacle est de « nous amener à réfléchir sur les aberrations humaines, tout en charmant nos yeux et nos oreilles. En plus, le spectacle qui mélange danse, théâtre et chant nous chatouille la rate et nous picote les yeux tour à tour. » ... / Read more


Josiane Desloges, Le Soleil, November 19, 2011

...les chorégraphes Pierre-Paul Savoie et Marie-Josée Chartier leur donnent corps et voix dans une adaptation scénique qui balance entre fantaisie et conscientisation... / Read more










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