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From the Artistic Director Marie-Josée Chartier:


I will spare us all from what we already know too well about the state of affairs in 2021 and how 2022 has started. I do wish you all great health and creativity in which ever way possible.


So, lets jump right to it with some snapshots of my activities in 2021. And I finally launched my new website, designed in collaboration with Kathleen Smith of 7 pirouettes. Here it is: www.mariejoseechartier.com


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Winnipeg online: I taught technique classes for the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg via zoom. Also still from the Winnipeg clan, I did an online artist talk presented by the Young Lungs Dance Exchange. The topic was focused on my experience in making choices when it comes to finding collaborators for various projects



March / April / May


Halifax: Thinking back now at this almost miraculous time (before vaccines) it seems unreal.
But it happened ‘sans’ glitch. A new iteration of petites danses produced by Mocean Dance in Halifax with a cast of professional dancers and actors from the city. I also had the great company of Mairéad Filgate as assistant, performer and quarantine partner. Find all about it here moceandance.com/petites-danses and watch the trailer here.


A tiny piece of anything; gliding, not flapping (nitrogen): I had the great pleasure to perform in a new work by Lucy Rupert of Blue Ceiling Dance along with my dance partner Tanveer Alam. Watch the trailer here.





Fredericton online: A planned creative residency at the Playhouse Theatre in Fredericton turned into a two-week online workshop organized by Lisa Anne Ross of Solo Chicken Productions with the support of the Playhouse. I offered a one hour warm up followed by a series of compositional activities to a group of 6 emerging actors. It almost felt like being there as all the artists could work on the stage while watching me through a giant screen (yikes!); it did allow for a great and productive exchange.



July / August


Evolution Classical: I have been invited to join as a guest faculty member for Evolution Classical, a new program directed by the Gryphon Trio facilitated by The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. A chance to interact with classical musicians to support them in thinking about repertoire in new ways of curating, presenting and staging. It was mostly online but I had a chance to work closely with the SHHH! Ensemble at the Pontiac Enchanté, a concert studio on the top floor of a barn housing 20 horses! I also pursued online coaching with the Duo Beija-Flor, Abigail and Ria and Kalliope. The sessions culminated in a concert series.


The great play Alphonse by Wajdi Mouawad directed by Alon Nashman and produced by Theaturtle was back this year and performed by Gabe Maharjan with presentations in Toronto parks. I was invited once again for choreographic input and movement coaching.

And I had the great pleasure to be creative and production assistant for Amalgam, a film by William Yong commissioned by Claudia Moore of Moonhorse Dance Theatre. The full film is now available to watch for free.



September / October


Montreal: L’Outre-Rêve marked my final production with l’Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal (ECM+) after sixteen years of collaboration as a stage director/metteure en scène. L’Outre-Rêve is a large-scale multidisciplinary show combining orchestral and electroacoustic creations, dance, vocal art, visual arts and poetry. It borrows the voice and form of the initiatory narrative written by poet and composer Symon Henry with guest composers, all under the musical direction of Véronique Lacroix. Discover the programme here, and read a great review here (en français) with photos.


Winnipeg: Then off to Winnipeg, finally in person! Two weeks of teaching at the School of Contemporary Dancers, choreographing a new short work for the students. Performing outdoors during Nuit Blanche and Culture Days, Project Jazz took place at the Old Market Square. I had the joy to dance with the amazing Natalie Sluis interacting with a video work by photographer and lighting designer Hugh Conacher, and pursued the creation of Fracas with Margaret Sweatman (writer), Arne MacPherson (director), Eric Plamondon (actor) and Ashley Au (composer)..


Toronto: Quickly back in Toronto to choreograph SVADBA wedding by Ana Sokolovic with opera singers from the Glenn Gould School in collaboration with director Jennifer Tarver and musical director Peter Tiefenbach.





Winnipeg: And then back again in Winnipeg, a city I especially cherish, to choreograph Orlando the play by Sarah Ruhl from Virginia Woolf’s novel, directed by Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s Artistic Director Kelly Thornton. A grand and sumptuous production, with luckily a full run that was able to conclude before the lockdown. For photos, review and links, click here.





Inter Arts Metrix: online - X-Camera: an experimental learning circle: I was invited to talk about my ongoing work with petites danses online to a great group of artists and community members from the Waterloo Region, Ontario. Look here for the upcoming edited online talk.



So let’s see what 2022 has in store for all of us. I would like to thank all my friends, family and collaborators for being there for me, always..








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