> Sous nos yeux

Choreographer, text and interpretation: Marie-Josée Chartier
Music: Allison Cameron
Lights: Jan Komarek

Sous nos Yeux: what we see, witness, live, observe without having control over it – feeling dizzy by images bombarding the mind and the soul.



Rebecca Todd, The Globe and Mail, August 18, 2001

..masterfully crafted and performed, this moving dance is a naked work performed without an ounce of exhibitionism. Sous Nos Yeux is a complete experience in itself.


Izabel Barsive, Arts Liaison Magazine, automne 2001

...dans la pénombre, la voix de Marie-Josée Chartier transperce la scène de Tangente et vient frapper notre espace émotionnel... un tour de force. En cette nuit montréalaise glaciale, nous ressortons, bouleversés.


Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine, August 9, 2001

There’s an unforgettable recur-ing image in Marie-Josée Chartier’s new piece, Sous Nos Yeux. She inserts a finger into her mouth and pulls sharply, distorting her already dramatic face into something even fiercer. Read the entire review / Voir la suite


Imogen Whyte, e-current, 2001

In “Sous nos Yeux / Under our Eyes”, her style is severe, yet lush and watch-able because of her visceral openness. She attains an intensity of focus that fixes us to the pared down severity and truth of her refreshingly “un-pretty” vocabulary. As Chartier herself seems to look unflinchingly at the pendulum of chance and cruelty, she seems to achieve the truly shamanic feat of stopping the world, slowing the pivot point of the pendulum long enough to achieve clarity as her arms sweep in front of her in slow circles.


Stuart Derdeyn, The-List, Vancouver, July 14, 2006

…the festival winds up with gems, such as Marie-Josée Chartier’s Sous Nos Yeux…


Gail Johnson, the Georgia Straight, Vancouver, July 20, 2006

The piece evokes the eerie feel of an Alfred Hitchcock film…Chartier’s disturbing imagery…Her choreography is frantic one minute, rigid the next and her character’s nervous tension is palpable













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