> R.E.D. The Men Club

Choreographer: Marie-Josée Chartier
Music: Michael J. Baker
Sculptures: Rae Anderson
Lights: Patrick Matheson

Anderson, Baker and Chartier unite to explore the fantasy/fiction of five men gathering once a month for a celebration. The theme was originally inspired by a book entitled ‘The island of Menstruating Men’ an account of ritual practices among the Wogeo of Papua, New Guinea.



Deirdre Kelly, The Globe and Mail, May 3, 1988

...Chartier is sly and impishly indirect...In RED the disparate parts hang together for an evening of performance that's wild, whacky and wet.


Paula Citron, Dance in Canada Magazine, Summer 1988

...Chartier's work was filled with symbolism, yet the images were strictly controlled, as was her strong central focus. She brillantly has the piece, for five male dancers, move backwards from the cold and indifferent businessmen to the natives who could drum and dance their feelings without the barriers of polite society.










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