> Bas-Reliefs

Concept and Artistic Direction: Marie-josée Chartier
Choreographer: Guillaume Bernardi and Ginette Laurin
Composers: Gaétan Leboeuf and Alexandre MacSween
Voices: Marie-Josée Chartier, Dan Wild
Performers: Marie-Josée Chartier, Dan Wild
Artistic Assistant: Heidi Strauss
Video: Jeremy Mimnagh and Peter Mettler
Photography: Jeremy Mimnagh
Costumes and set: Julie Fox
Lights: Lucie Bazzo

Bas-Reliefs is a remarkable, complex multi-disciplinary collaboration inspired by the work of painter Betty Goodwin. It combines the talents of eleven extraordinary artists. Brought together by the award-winning Marie-Josée Chartier and performed by Chartier and Dan Wild, Bas-Reliefs is an ambitious and magical piece that reveals a space fraught with drama and contrasts as well as a universal inter-connectedness.



Susan Walker, Toronto Star, November 30, 2007

Marie-Josée Chartier has for most of her choreographic career gone to visual artists for inspiration. With Bas-Reliefs, where the source for the show is Montreal artist Betty Goodwin's Swimmers paintings, she has outdone herself. Read the entire review / Voir la suite


Fabienne Cabado, Voir, December 8, 2006

Une démarche ambitieuse soutenue par une belle brochette de talents.Read the entire review / Voir la suite












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