> Street Car

Director: Nick de Pencier
Producer: Nick de Pencier
D.o.p.: Peter Mettler
Choreographer/dancer: Peter Chin
Format: super 16mm

Streetcar is a dance document of a man forced to carry the full weight of his mortality on his commute home. As the streetcar rumbles through the winter night with the city neon and traffic streaming by outside its windows, he begins – imperceptibly at first – to accentuate certain of his pedestrian gestures to the point of stylization. First with just his eyes, then his fingers, then the striking of certain poses in relation to the forms of the other riders, him movements begin to add up to a personal dance. Intermittently, other commuters begin their own personal dances, as the riders begin to form a haphazard community of souls bound together by movement.

Filmed in sumptuous super 16mm film by renowned documentary film maker Peter Mettler, and starring one of Canada's best loved choreographers and dancers, Peter Chin, Streetcar is a paean to urban existence. The haunting Gamelan score was composed by Chin with international audio artist Garnet Willis. At the 2004 Gemini Awards, the film received nominations for best direction and best performance, the latter being won by Mr. Chin. It has just been nominated for a Banff Rockie Award.

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