> Trousseau-True Nature

The women of Urge are:
Choreographer/dancer: Marie-Josée Chartier
Performance artist: Katherine Duncanson
Mezzo-soprano: Fides Krucker
Composer/performer: Linda Catlin Smith
Facilitating Director: Joanna McIntyre

HERE COME THE BRIDES! The women of Urge take five brides on a nocturnal bridal shindig, including a bridal bullfight, a rolling bridal river bed and a boisterous bridal wedding heap. TROUSSEAU-TRUE NATURE is surprising, wild, mysterious and mundane. See a bride play the tuba, see another bride buck, see all the brides come!

TROUSSEAU-TRUE NATURE spins the web of the transformational bride, weaving together sound, voice, text and movement, to create an alchemical love story in all aspects, all hues--old, new, no longer borrowed and often full of the blues. The result is a full evening's journey into the unique, ever-changing musical and theatrical landscape of the Urge bride's true nature.

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