Marie-Josée Chartier


Photo: Martin Weinhold


Metteur en scène / Director

Since 2000, Marie-Josée Chartier works as a choreographer and director in multi-media and contemporary opera. Here is a list of all the works and companies she has collaborated with over the years. Also included are dance projects for which she acts as artistic advisor, mentor or director.


Selected works:

2010 - Les Aventures de Madame Merveille


2010 - Contes pour enfants pas sages


2009 - Love Songs


2009 - Le jardin féérique


2008 - Musique ! on tourne…


2008 - Les marquises


2008 - Pleu(Rire): The World of Aperghis


2006 - Bas-Reliefs


2005 - Le cigare et la tordue


2004 - Constantinople





Chartier Danse would like to thank the following councils

for their support through project and production grants.